Durham Opening Doors Homeless Prevention & Services  encourages community agencies to engage members of the Durham faith community to help break the cycle of poverty by assisting homeless households in the transition to permanent housing. We are asking churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship to form Circles of Support for homeless families or individuals. Each homeless family or individual that meets specific program guidelines will be matched with a religious congregation and its team of volunteers that will assist them as they move into permanent housing and towards economic independence. Circles of Support provide an opportunity for members of the religious community to practice their faith in a very tangible, practical way.

Goal and Objectives


The goal of Circles of Support is to empower homeless families and individuals to acquire and maintain permanent housing, either through long term self supporting employment, qualifying public assistance, or a combination of income sources, and to improve and enhance their quality of life.


  • To assist homeless households in achieving economic self-sufficiency.
  • To empower participants in developing long-term, realistic personal objectives.
  • To offer support services and resources to enable participants to achieve their personal objectives.
  • To assist households in evaluating and improving their quality of life.
  • To engage households in participating in the community.

A support circle is a partnership of 4–10 individuals in a faith community or organization who commit to partner with a homeless individual or family for a period of twelve months.

The “Circles of Support” program serves individuals and families who are homeless, living in a shelter, or transitional housing program, and who are ready to transition into permanent housing.

Durham’s Circles of Support initiative is being coordinated through Families Moving Forward. To learn more about the program or express interest in forming a Circe of Support through your congregation or another organization or group, please contact Tasha Melvin at 919-683-5868 or watch this brief video.