Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) are federal funds that are distributed to communities across the nation to partially fund the operations and services of emergency shelters, homeless management information systems, and rapid rehousing/homeless prevention activities.

In 2016, the State of North Carolina again required that communities across the state apply for ESG funds distributed through state government via a joint or regional application.  The City’s Community Development Department, as Durham’s State ESG Lead Agency,  completed Durham’s regional application and coordinated the local competition for State ESG funds.

Durham was eligible to receive $158,490 in State ESG funds in 2016, with a maximum of $95,094 available for Emergency Responses to homelessness and a minimum of $63,396 to be used for Housing Stabilization activities, including Rapid Rehousing.

The Homeless Services Advisory Committee’s Structure Subcommittee approved State ESG funding recommendations as follows:

Families Moving Forward: $95,094 for emergency shelter operations for homeless families.

LIFE Skills Foundation: $63,396 for rapid rehousing support targeted towards homeless youth.

For more information regarding Durham’s State of NC ESG Regional Application, contact Project Manager Lloyd Schmeidler with the City’s Community Development Department at (919) 560-4570 ext. 22267.