The 10 Year Results Plan to End Homelessness in Durham

Durham’s 10 Year Results Plan to End Homelessness was formally adopted by the City Council of Durham and the Durham County Board of Commissioners in 2006 after a lengthy planning process. To read the Executive Summary of the plan, please click here.

The Plan was renamed Durham Opening Doors to Prevent and End Homelessness, (Durham Opening Doors, for short)  in 2011.

The Mission of Durham Opening Doors is to reorient Durham’s service system from one that manages homelessness to one that prevents and eliminates homelessness. Read more of the Plan itself here.

The four appendices of the original 10 Year Plan include descriptions of the planning process, a description of services for homeless people in Durham in 2006, acknowledgments of those who provided leadership to the planning process, and a helpful glossary of terms. To read the appendices, click here.

The City of Durham’s Community Development Department seeks to lead, guide, and direct the Durham community’s response to homelessness. Community Initiatives include:

The Continuum of Care
Circles of Support
The Carolina Homeless Information Network
Project Homeless Connect

With growing concern about homelessness in families, educators have unique opportunities to contribute to understanding homelessness. Click here for educational resources for teachers.