The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) awarded $1,461,135 to twelve projects recommended to HUD for funding in the 2018 Continuum of Care (CoC) Homeless Grants Competition. As part of $50 million distributed nationwide to address the housing needs of survivors of intimate partner violence who are experiencing homelessness, Durham received a new CoC grant of $154,019 for a Rapid Rehousing project to be implemented by the Durham Crisis Response Center.

A CoC’s application to HUD for CoC funds has three parts:

(1) A Collaborative Application that provides information to HUD on a variety of topics, including the organization, collaboration, HMIS implementation, and Point-in-Time Count of the CoC and the CoC’s performance on HUD’s system performance measures (HUD’s scoring of the Collaborative Application, in comparison to over 400 other CoCs across the nation, determines whether a CoC will receive all of the CoC funds it was eligible to apply for.);

(2) A “Priority Listing” tells HUD which projects the CoC is prioritizing for HUD funding; and

(3) The applications of the individual projects themselves.

The Durham Collaborative Application is available here in its entirety. The following projects received funding in the 2018 CoC Homeless Grants competition in the amounts indicated. Click on the links to access the organization’s website and/or the text of the project application to HUD.

  1. The North Carolina Coalition to End HomelessnessHomeless Management Information System (HMIS) grant funds Durham’s HMIS implementation.                                 (Renewal-$55,752)
  2. Housing for New Hope’s Streets to Home I project provides operating support for 16 beds of permanent supportive housing (PSH) for formerly chronically homeless adults.                             (Renewal-$220,232)
  3. Housing for New Hope’s Williams Square project supports 20 efficiency apartments of PSH for formerly chronically homeless adults.                                                               (Renewal-$60,003)
  4. Housing for New Hope’s Andover Apartments project supports 20 efficiency apartments of PSH for formerly chronically homeless adults.                                           (Renewal-$58,806)
  5. Alliance Health’s DASH project supports 33 beds of PSH for formerly homeless people, including 5 beds dedicated to house formerly chronically homeless people.                   (Renewal-$167,140)
  6. Housing for New Hope‘s Rapid Rehousing I project supports 9 beds of Rapid Rehousing for formerly homeless families.                                                                        (Renewal-$55,736)
  7.  Housing for New Hope’s Streets to Home II project supports for 10 beds of PSH for formerly chronically homeless adults.                                                                         (Renewal-$151,221)
  8. Housing for New Hope’s Rapid Rehousing III project supports 19 beds of Rapid Rehousing for formerly homeless families.                                                                    (Renewal-$169,396)
  9. Durham Housing Authority’s Home Again project supports 35 beds of PSH for formerly homeless people.                                                                                             (Renewal-$117,357)
  10. Urban Ministries of Durham’s Fresh Start project would continue support for 12 beds of PSH for formerly chronically homeless people.                                                                             (Renewal-$203,663)
  11. Durham Crisis Response Center‘s Rapid Rehousing project is a “Domestic Violence Bonus” project that, when fully implemented, will support up to 27 beds of Rapid Rehousing for survivors of domestic violence.     (New – $154,019)
  12. The City of Durham’s Department of Community Development was awarded a non-competitive CoC Planning Grant of $45,810 to support its activities as the Durham Continuum of Care Lead Agency.

The Durham CoC also recommended the following projects for CoC funding, but they were last on the CoC’s Priority List and were not awarded HUD funding:

  1. Alliance Health’s Housing First & Health Services project applied for $66,460 and would have provided PSH for up to ten formerly chronically homeless adults with medical vulnerabilities
  2. Healing with CAARE‘s Permanent Supportive Housing project applied for $25,169 and would have provided PSH for up to three formerly chronically homeless adults.